Overhaul Support Services provides specialized front-end services to prepare dynamic helicopter components for overhaul or repair. Because this is our only business, we have qualified teams assigned to each phase—using effective methods that have hours or days in time-consuming teardown and cleaning. You are free to concentrate on parts evaluation, repair, replacement
and reassembly.

• OSS uses dedicated teardown tooling and fixtures, following customer
  procedures, specifications, overhauls and repair manuals and
  service bulletins.
Our specialized cleaning conforms to OEM, government and FAA
  specifications, and leaves parts free of oil, grease, and paint.
Nondestructive testing reveals fatigue cracks, corrosion and other in-
  service damage.
After inspection, parts are oil-protected and carefully packaged
  for shipment.
OSS can also be your process partner, performing additional services
  such as shot peening, machining, bonding, plating, and applying
  anti-corrosion coatings. New services are being added constantly;
  please contact us for any specialized services you may require.

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